About Us

Michael’s areas of special interest include the role of myth in social and personal development and healing, particularly Celtic and grail myths. He was born in India to English parents, raised on a farm in Devon and educated in the Scottish Highlands. He has worked as a jackaroo, a cook and a farmer, and has a reputation as a fine storyteller going back into the 1970s.

Danuta’s areas of interest include creative lifestyle development, and she holds a PhD in English (Creative Writing) from The University of Newcastle (NSW, Australia), and has a background in education, IT R&D, technical and editorial writing. Danuta also has a deep interest in the way that creative awareness and lifestyle can help to stabilise and heal physical and psychiatric imbalances and has raised four children with disabilities who now all participate fully in society.

Both Michael and Danuta have a deep appreciation for the power of ritual in connecting one to the environment and community, and a respect for the deep generative capacity of the arts: music, fine arts, drama, literature, dance and movement. They have a love of natural lifestyle and appreciate the way that different environments can inform our personalities and capacities. They use story to enhance imagination, open doorways into wisdom and into self-knowledge, and to explain the inexplicable. With a background in science and mathematics, Danuta knows the way that narrative can create a depth of understanding that theoretical knowledge often cannot penetrate.