The key to a full life is a creative life, a life where we can express ourselves with depth and skill. It isn’t as much a matter of leaving your mark on the world, as finding a mode of expression that enables you to best interact with it.

Sometimes people can believe that we are different to the environment about us, that we act on it, make something of it and improve upon it. Contemporary Druidry encourages us to see that we are part of the world, enmeshed in the environment, and that it acts upon us as much as we act upon it. The world is constantly making something of us, improving upon us. We are not alone, an island in the sea, we are immersed in a vibrant and powerful wholeness, the pinnacle of a consciousness drawn above the waters. We are the apex of a community of living things, we are an island in the sea.

Creativity is an essential attribute of the druid. The druid has learned to draw on the deep inspiration and power of words and to divine what needs to be done, why it is needed, and where to source the resources for it. The druid gathers together the tools of creativity and releases her creative impulse into the universe, in harmony with the environment and calling of the wider community of souls that inform her. The druid is a creative being.

Druid uses multiple forms of awareness, including both rational and subtle skills, to support you in developing your creative skills. We can also work with people to fulfil particular life goals and to develop projects. From artistic to scientific, from social engineering to tech, Druid can consult with you to hone your capacity to complete the task at hand, and to become more aware of the causes and possible remedies for delays and blockages.

Our focus, as always, is to assist you in developing the full set of tools you need to be a creative individual in the world. We encourage you to explore your personal insight, your technical capacity, your ethical position, and your general well-being to become a more effective creative being. Through online tutorials, courses and consultations, and the courses and retreats we hold, we aim to assist you in developing your capacity to bring to life the great gifts you are drawn to share with the world.

These skills can help you in your personal, social and profession arenas, and can lead you to more effectively implement your primary personal, social and professional goals. From painting a better picture to building a better car, creativity is the place where who you are meets what you can do.