Post-New Age society seems to have religated the idea of divination to mean tarot cards and crystal balls, but divination belongs to a tradition that involves all forms of finding things. It includes decision making and scientific awareness. It can include knowing who to speak to, what knowledge to gather, and where things lie.

The Ovates of ancient Druidry were responsible for healing and divination, and this included both foresight and farsight, which included finding things like the position of wells, the location of herbs and trees, and the location of minerals for mining. In other words, Druids included both technical and intuitive skills as part of divination, and it involved the ability to observe, judge and understand a situation as well as being able to hone predictive talents that involved skills like dowsing, scrying and astrological/astronomical observation.

Druid uses a combination of subtle and mundane senses to assist you in divining what you need and where you might find it. We can offer predictive and exploratory “readings”, using many different divinatory methods, including Tarot, Ogham and trancework as a part of our consultation service. We also offer high level technical reasoning capacities that were honed through years of experience in IT and R&D and high-level scholarship.

Our focus, however, is in assisting you to develop the skills necessary to divine for yourself, to learn how to be sensitive to your own path and to gather your own resources. Through online classes, small group work and individual consultation, we will encourage you to strengthen your own senses and skills so that you can determine your own direction.

These skills can assist you in your personal, social and professional arenas, and can lead you to understand a more sensitive way of determining and pursuing your goals.